Probiotics by Thanh HA renovation Joint stock company to create high efficiency coffee garden


Thanh HA Joint stock company application of organic biotechnology, combining high technology (enzymes, Nano, rare earth, etc.) produces high-tech probiotics as a market advantage fertilizer on water retention capacity

Land renovation brought the bumper season


You may not yet know, 60% carbon dioxite in the atmosphere is absorbed by the soil and used to nourish crops.

Thanh Ha fertilizer effectively restores pepper plants


The 25-year-old old pepper garden of the family of Mr. Vu Van Vien in Al Ba commune - Chu Se - Gia Lai has been falling into a rheumatic state for several years now. Vien said that he had used many different drugs but they were ineffective. Headphones, eyes seen in the pepper tree capital

High efficiency Dragon fruit planting techniques


Dragon fruit is a plant with many nutrients. Vitamin content is quite plentiful such as Vitamin B, A, C and some other compounds such as Potassium, Calcium, Fiber and Iron.

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