Probiotics by Thanh HA renovation Joint stock company to create high efficiency coffee garden


In order to help coffee growers in the area of the Tay Nguyen in general and Dak Nong in particular to renovated the old coffee garden and re-the efficiency, Thanh ha Joint stock Company (Hanoi) has researched and produced organic leaf fertilizers, A-H, K-H, N-H applications for farmers.

A-H, K-H, N-H are preparations of ingredients that are biological compounds, which are extracted from natural medicinal plants that increase immunity, increase the resistance to crops without the use of chemical drugs, help crops to absorb nutrients and keep balance of biological energy. In particular, these preparations are good for the production of agriculture in conditions of land, harsh climates such as flooding, salty, sour alum, malaria, frost, nutritional poverty…; Saving from 20-40% inorganic fertilizer, ensuring trees for many fruit, to increase the quality of agricultural products, contributing to the improvement of soil in the areas of poverty, nutrition, soil and gravel; Reduce the number of chemicals for plant protection, safety for users and products, towards clean agriculture.

These preparations are now many farmers in the districts of Dak Mil, Krong, Wye, Dak Song, Gia Nghia town… Application to renovate the old coffee garden, restore the realignment of the garden effectively, bring pretty good results on the soil spongy, roots and branches healthy development, many flowers, the high rate of the fruit, reduce the condition of loss and pests, increase the tolerance of drought…

The product organic Fertilizer biotech KH, AH, NH has won the award of the most Innovative science and technology Award in Vietnam in 2005 (VIFOTEC) in the field of biotechnology serving life.

Fertilizer Organic Leaf Fertilizers A-H, K-H, N-H has been certified Top 100 reliable supplier in Vietnam 2010. In the process of operation, the company has gained a lot of rewards as the 3rd Class Labor medal by the President; Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister; Merit from the Minister of Industry; Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, for having outstanding achievements in production and supply of special fertilizer serving agricultural production…

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