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Thanh Ha bio – organic products contains biological compounds extracted from natural medicinal plants such as: (Artemisinin – C15H2205, Aspirin – C8H1804, Berberin – C20H18N04) to increase resistance, immunity and Promote growth, ability to synthesize chlorophyll, pollination process, produce fruit and drought tolerance, and inhibit the development of many parasites, pests, diseases and drought. plant diseases.

ARTEMISININ (C15H2205) Artemisinin is effective against some fungal pathogens such as Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici, Rhizoctonia cerealis, Gerlachia nivalis, Verticillium dahliae. That supports the role of artemis inin as a protective factor for plants.

ASPIRIN (C8H1804) Aspirin contains an active substance called salicylic acid. This acid helps to strengthen the plant’s immune system, helping plants against bacteria and prevent the formation of fungi. Nutritional Aspirin increases vitamin C content in plants.


Lysine is one of 20 important amino acids that plays key role in protein synthesis, against climate change and disease resistance, photosynthesis, stomata aperture, pollination process. and fruit – making and many other important processes to create high – quality, uniform and high – quality products. Plants have the ability to self – synthesize amino acids, but nutrients provided to plants such as N, P, and K minerals do not produce amino acids Lysine. Therefore, if it is possible to provide amino acids directly to plants, it will be very good.


Currently, with the development of high – tech agriculture, the appli cation of nanotechnology into production to improve productivity, quality and economic efficiency for agricultural products is partic ularly appreciated. Thanh Ha bio – organic product contains micro – elements Nano, rare earth, Silver, Copper, Chitosan … acts as a biological stimulus. There are many biochemical and normal biochemical processes that do not occur in the crop, but those processes might occur under nano – sized, it will awaken the potential, yield and quality of agricultural products on crops. Nanoparticles help plants to absorb more easily because of their small size, easy to spread and stick to leaves.

Nano rare earth – a breakthrough in agriculture.

 Increasing photosynthesis capacity of plants from 20 – 80%, increasing productivity significantly with very low cost. – Increasing metabolism, increasing the ability to absorb multi – fer tilizer fertilizer (reducing the loss of fertilizer N, P, K), reducing the cost of basic fertilizers – Increasing root growth, thereby, increasing drought resistance Increasing resistance, therefore, reducing the possibility of diseases. – Increasing the typical flavor of agricultural products. – Increasing the ability to sprout, sprout, increase the ability to create fruits and especially increase sugar content, increase both

Nano Copper, Nano Silver, Nano Chitosan

The presence of those nano make plants healthy and shiny, espe cially cold resistance. They are able to treat most of the fungi and bacteria, nematodes,

EDTA complex

Participating in complexes with metal ions creates complex compounds that help regulate plant growth.

Humic acid

+ Regulating nutrition and water for plants, nutrition fixation, water in soil, anti – leaching, erosion.

+ Improve healthy root system

+ Improve plant physiology

+ Reduce excess salinity in the soil

+ Reduce environmental stress (stable buffer system pH)

+ Increasing resistance of plants to pests and unfavorable conditions such as hot, cold, drought, watery, acidic … In addition, Thanh Ha’s bio – organic composition also contains some trace elements, second – order nutrients, vitamins and bioactive substances necessary for the adjustment of the strong growth and development of crops.

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