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First of all, THANH HA JOINT STOCK COMPANY would like to send you cordial greetings, good health and success, prosperity!

Thanh Ha Joint Stock Company and

 High – tech Bio – fertilizer

 National Well – known Brand “Thanh Ha”

Thanh Ha Joint Stock Company has been applying organic biotechnology, combined with advanced technologies (enzyme, nano, etc.) to produce high – tech biofertilizers  that dominate market since the first days due to increased moisture retention, carbon build – up, Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) for plants and improved soil aggregation – all features of new break – through innovations in agricultural production.

Thanh Ha invests substantially in product research & development, in cooperation with the Research Institute of Biological High – tech Agriculture Products, with scientists from domestic and international regions, with special government supports by variety of Ministries such as Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD  ), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), various provincial Departments of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Vietnam Institute of Agriculture, and others.  The results are continuous product improvements and upgrading of Thanh Ha high – tech bioferilizers to transfer new technology and serve agriculture in domestic and regional markets. 

Taking parts in agriculture research projects and successfully applying their results Thanh Ha has been gaining more customer confidence, recognized by Vietnam government thus its award of Labor Medal, the Prime Minister Diploma, Diplomas from Kho, provinces and gold medals, gold cups from many domestic  and international trade fairs. 

Thanh Ha high – tech bio – fertilizers help farmers:

1. Achieve high crop farmers. 

2. Reduce production costs. 

3. Increase crop and product quality. 

4. Sustain eco – friendly crops, and protect communities from health hazards.

Thanh Ha high – tech bio – fertilizers outperform other conventional and alike products in following aspects:

  1. Cold resistance.
  2.  Drought resistance
  3. Flood resistance
  4. Mangrove resistance
  5. Alum processing
  6. Nitrogen – fixing ability
  7. Soak & handling cuttings.
  8. Soil aggregation.
  9. Against premature fruit drops.
  10. Increased sugar, nutrition.
  11.  Increase crop yield.
  12. Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and NPK. 

Thanh Ha high – tech bio – fertilizers are direct proceeds of successful agriculture research projects at national level.  Thanh Ha products are manufactured with ISO 9001: 2015, given code and bar code by the General Directorate for Standards and Quality.  The approved product certificate was issued by IQC Certification Body.  License for free market and Manufacturing were issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam.

With Thanh Ha Company, Thanh Ha high – tech bio – fertilizer products, a new brand was born, grown and becomes more and more national, international brand for the benefits of better life of the farmers, for the development of agriculture production both domestic,  regional and international levels. 

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