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WORKFLOW OF THE THANH HA BIOLOGICAL ORGANIC FERTILIZER PRODUCTION LINE 1. The inspection room saves the input sample Thanh Ha Company cooperates with many research institutes such as: – Vietnam Academy of Sciences – Institute of Genetics – The Institute of Plant protection products are produced from 3 major institutes with Thanh ha. Products are […]

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Thanh Ha bio – organic products contains biological compounds extracted from natural medicinal plants such as: (Artemisinin – C15H2205, Aspirin – C8H1804, Berberin – C20H18N04) to increase resistance, immunity and Promote growth, ability to synthesize chlorophyll, pollination process, produce fruit and drought tolerance, and inhibit the development of many parasites, pests, diseases and drought. plant […]

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Through the years of construction and development. Thanh Ha JSC as well as the company’s personnel have gradually matured, we are con-stantly improving technical management skills and gaining experience in the field of manufactur – ing high-tech organic products. Our persistent innovation and research with leading institutes and professors in related areas have massively kept […]

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Thanh Ha high - tech bio - fertilizers are direct proceeds of successful agriculture research projects at national level. Thanh Ha products are manufactured with ISO 9001: 2015, given code and bar code by the General Directorate for Standards and Quality.

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