High efficiency Dragon fruit planting techniques


Dragon fruit is a plant with many nutrients. Vitamin content is quite plentiful such as Vitamin B, A, C and some other compounds such as Potassium, Calcium, Fiber and Iron. According to research, eating this fruit will be extremely good for the heart and prevent pimples because this is a very good cooling fruit.

Currently, our country has 2 main varieties of dragon fruit, white flesh dragon fruit and red flesh dragon fruit. This is a tree with good growth and takes little care. Dragon fruit grown in our country does not belong to a liana tree but has a cow-shaped body and branches on a support. The body contains a lot of water, so it can withstand drought for a long time. The stem is usually 3 wings, green, rarely four. Each wing is divided into many lobes with a length of 3-4cm. The base of each lobe has 3-5 short spines. Each year, there are 3-4 branches of branches, the distance between two branches of branching is 40-50 days. The number of branches on the tree increases with age. The dragon fruit is long spherical with long scales around the fruit.

Instructions on how to plant dragon fruit

Dragon fruit trees are easy to grow and do not take much care. For high harvest, the seed selection stage requires careful and careful

Selection Criteria:

For the plant to grow well you need to choose quality cuttings. Standard cuttings need to be 40cm or more tall and free from pests and diseases. The cuttings need to be clean so that the cuttings do not rot. Before planting in the garden you can cuttings to give roots and then plant them out in the garden to ensure better plant growth.

Planting Season and Density:

Dragon fruit trees can be planted all year round but it is best to plant in spring and early fall. Trees should be planted at a distance of 3m to plant a pillar. Because dragon fruit is a tree sticking tree, careful selection of pillars will help the tree grow better

Commonly chosen pillars are concrete pillars with a diameter of about 20cm and a length of more than 2.5m. The post-burial post will be about 2m high, suitable for the development of dragon fruit.

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