Factory – production line



1. The inspection room saves the input sample

Thanh Ha Company cooperates with many research institutes such as:

– Vietnam Academy of Sciences – Institute of Genetics

– The Institute of Plant protection products are produced from 3 major institutes with Thanh ha.

Products are produced from 3 major institutes together with Thanh Ha.

The company mainly produces all kinds of Nano materials and essential oils according to Thanh Ha’s orders. Upon receipt of materials are checked and stored.

2. Reaction Tower:

After the chemicals are manufactured according to the process of transfer into the reaction Tower: This tower is made in Italya each type put into response over time and temperature that the software regulated:

– Qualified Testing

– Switch the anabolic machine over time prescribed each type of SI and individual chemicals.

After completing the sample save test: Pumped into the bottle filling machine

3. Bottle Filling Machine:

Automatic machine: Programmable management under software and connected to central control. Automatic testing machine: Capacity, density, number of bottles passing, the number of products obtained under the Pre-installed program. The filling machine is synchronized with bottle capping machine.

4. Labeling Machine:

Full auto: Update the quantity and date of production for the center.

After the label is finished, the worker must check with the naked eye: If the product is not standard due to the deviation, the label will be removed before printing date.

5. Date Printer

In batch, production, expiration date, auto update quantity, in Control center log.

6. Machine in box:

– Automatic bottle Drop machine, guide to the Quantity update box, shipment has produced date, month and year into the central control area.

– The machine automatically controls if any box without manual will be discarded immediately. Finished in the box, workers box and check KCS Sign the date of production, type. Everyone follows the process of 4S and ISO 9001 – 200

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