Bio Lus – For Soil Treatment

Soil treatment

Prevent fungal diseases

Fermenting Fish – Brewing Soybeans


500 ml


Bacillus subtilis 10°, Bacillus licheniformis 10°, Bacillus megaterium 107 và các phụ gia đặc biệt, tỷ trọng: 1.1, pH: 7


  1. Invade plant roots and control pathogens from harmful fungi and bacteria
  2. Produce antibacterial compounds, help increase the resistance of plants
  3. Can be used to compost fish, compost soybeans or manure
  4. Especially limiting the microorganisms that cause rot and harm on plants, reducing harmful toxins in the soil

User manual


– For food crops and vegetables: Mix 500ml with 400-600 liters of water for irrigation

Mix 500ml with 600 liters of water to wet the stems, branches and leaves.

– For industrial plants, fruit trees:

Mix 500ml with 300-400 liters of water for root irrigation. Each root is watered from 3-15 liters according to the age of the tree

– Brewing fish, brewing soybeans

Mix 500ml with 30-40 liters of clean water, add 1-1.5 liters of molasses to dissolve completely. Raw fish or soybeans are put in a barrel, then pour the microbiological solution to the surface. Incubation time is 35-40 days.

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