Nano Silver – Specialized for Fruits

Garden washing – Prevention

Increase plant disease resistance


500 ml

Product introduction

Silver-Pro probiotics are a combination of Nano silver and Nano Chitosan to help increase disease resistance for plants. The electrostatic interaction process between the negatively charged surface of the cell and the silver ions adsorbed onto the bacterial surface, then penetrates inside the bacterial cell and neutralizes them.


1. Prevent and kill fungal diseases and bacteria affecting plants

2. Increase yield, help improve fruit design

3. Creating nano-films to help protect plants from the negative effects of the external environment

4. Support and inhibit brown spot disease, green fungal disease, white fungal disease


User manual


+ For the case of spraying prevention:

Mix 500ml with 160 – 200 liters to evenly wet both sides of the leaves or pour the root. (Or mix 1 liter with 320 – 400 liters of water to use).

+ For the cases of spraying treatment:

Dosage of spraying to treat diseases: (fruit fungus, rust, pink fungus …)

Mix 500ml with 80-100 liters for spraying and watering (equivalent to mixing 1 liter with 200 liters for spraying and watering


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