Nano Copper – Specialized for Fruits

Clean moss

Wipe out the fungus



Product introduction

C-Protex nano copper bio-product is a combination of nano copper, zinc oxide and oligo chitosan and other special additives to help remove moss and mold during garden washing

In addition, by advanced technology with glass 7-10nm nanoparticle size helps plants to effectively treat fungi and bacteria.


1. Cleaning the garden after harvest

2.Increase yield, help improve fruit design

3. Creating nano-films helps protect plants from the negative effects of the external environment.

User manual

– Dosage of spraying for disease prevention and garden cleaning

+ Mix 500ml with 300-400 liters to evenly wet both sides of leaves or pour the root. (Or mix 1 liter with 600 – 800 liters of water to use).

+ Use periodically 30 – 45 days / time to increase the effectiveness of disease prevention for plants.

– For the cases of spraying treatment

+ Dosage of spray treatment: (fruit fungus, rust, anthracnose, gecko fungus …)

+ Mix 500ml with 150 – 200 liters to spray evenly on both sides of the leaves or pour the root. (Or mix 1 liter with 300 – 400 liters of water to use)

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